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First and foremost is the health and safety of the dogs in our care.
We believe that dogs should have a positive experience in the ring, and strive to insure that the dogs we show continue to enjoy being in the ring.


Brenda and Kelly are a mother-daughter team that has enjoyed showing together for more than two decades.

Brenda has been training and exhibiting dogs for over 30 years. In addition to managing a veterinary clinic, she owns her own in-home dog training business, is a CPDT-KA certified trainer, and teaches training classes through the local Park District, a local community center, and through several private doggie daycare and boarding kennels. Brenda has handled dogs in various breeds to obedience titles, conformation titles, rally obedience titles, group placements, top twenty rankings, and more. She is also working towards titling a Pug in the emerging sport of "canine nosework"!

Kelly was born into the dog show world and continues to make it her home. She exhibited her first dog at 5 years old, and began exhibiting dogs regularly at the age of 7. Entering Junior Showmanship at age 10, Kelly was a top Junior Handler, ranked as #1 Pug Junior for several years, as well as earning multiple state and regional titles all while succeeding academically. Through her later years of Junior Showmanship and following "aging out", Kelly has gained quite a bit of knowledge of grooming and handling by working for various professional handlers. She, too, has campaigned dogs in many breeds to conformation titles, group placements, and rankings, as well as titles in rally obedience and beginning field work.


Without the efforts of our assistant Reilly Matelski and associate Riley Mars, our job as handlers would be that much more difficult. Their hard work and desire to learn keeps the set-up running smoothly.

Reilly got her start in Dachshunds and Great Danes with her mother, Amy, and joined Team Brenich in December 2008. She currently resides in Southeastern Wisconsin with her husband and joins us for many of the local shows. She is a quick study, has great hands with the dogs, and we are very lucky to have her working with us!

Riley got her first show dog in 2003, a Cairn Terrier named Zach, though she had been showing for a few years prior to that. Zach and Riley quickly became not only a top Junior Handling pair, but a top Cairn Terrier as well! Living in northwestern Iowa with her husband, Riley doesn't join us as often as we would like for shows, but she is enjoying great successes on her own as a handler as well!


  All-Breed Shows & Specialties in Conjunction with an All-Breed Show - $75
Sweepstakes as a Second Entry - $25 Additional
Please contact us for Independent Specialty rates.
Clients will also be charged a portion of any hotel lodging and gas expenses for each weekend, divided equally among all clients (including ourselves).

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(click to view more photographs and dogs)


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